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Why Biohazard Cleaning Is Time Sensitive

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In the unfortunate event of a trauma or crime occurring in your property, professional biohazard cleaning is pivotal and must be commenced as soon as possible to ensure the safety and health of the property owners and occupants is not compromised any further. In the aftermath of a violent crime, accident or trauma in Brisbane, professional [...]

Hoarder Lived With Her Dead Son’s Body For 20 Years

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Compulsive hoarding is a psychological issue that causes the hoarder persistent difficulties in throwing away items or severe anxiety when forced to throw away possessions. They might also experience difficulty organizing or categorizing their possessions and find themselves embarrassed by all they’ve acquired. A hoarder’s behavior might result in loss of living space and isolation. [...]

Myths Regarding Crime Scene Cleaning

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Myths Regarding Crime Scene Clean Ups | QLD| NSW When encountering an unexpected crime scene in your home, it can be a stressful and highly emotional experience. The feelings are compounded by the image of events that have taken place that can be ingrained in your memories forever and can cause further psychological and emotional turmoil [...]

Blood Cleanup After Stabbing – Restaurant Stabbing

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Blood Cleanup at Crime Scene after Westfield Hornsby Restaurant Stabbing Terrified diners have told how a man walked into a restaurant at Westfield Hornsby on Sydney's upper north shore, then stabbed a man to death and wounded a woman, before calmly walking outside covered in the couple's blood. The violent episode unfolded at the Kangnam BBQ [...]

Biohazard Cleaning & Odour Removal

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Biohazard Cleaning and Odour Removal The processed required for the successful completion of any Biohazard Cleaning and Odour removal job is highly specialised and unique to each incident.  Unexpected deaths, crime scenes, unattended deaths, sewage spills, gross filth and hoarders clean ups are all defined as biohazard incidents due to potential infectious diseases, pathogens and micro-bacterial [...]

Hoarders Remediation Specialists

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Hoarders Cleaning QLD - NSW In most cases, the intentions of a hoarder are positive. Most people who struggle with hoarding may be trying to save items they perceive as useful for themselves, family and friends in the event they may be needed. However, hoarding is generally thought to be a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [...]

Professional Crime Scene Clean Up Is Vital

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The huge number of crime that occurs against people in Australia is staggering and if you watch the evening news, growing exponentially fast with a large number of these crimes occurring in private residences. When a crime occurs, time is of the essence for all involved. Police and Emergency Services are called immediately to the scene [...]

Inside The World Of A Forensic Cleaner

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Anyone who has had any interaction with a crime scene can agree on one thing, it is not a pleasant experience. Forensic Cleaning technicians have to deal with cramped spaces, horrid odours and years of accumulated dirt and grime on a daily basis. But how often are they dealing with cleaning up bio hazardous materials? For [...]