Biohazard Cleaning and Odour Removal

The processed required for the successful completion of any Biohazard Cleaning and Odour removal job is highly specialised and unique to each incident.  Unexpected deaths, crime scenes, unattended deaths, sewage spills, gross filth and hoarders clean ups are all defined as biohazard incidents due to potential infectious diseases, pathogens and micro-bacterial organisms found at such scenes. Odour is a by-product of many bio-hazard scenes and can create a difficult and arduous task to successful remove and remediate. All Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning technicians are trained in specialised odour remediation and disinfecting techniques that will eliminate any trace of odours from these types of scenes.  We are skilled at cleaning odours that arise from many sources such as disaster contaminates, blood and bodily fluids, unattended death decomposition and others.

Most crime, trauma and death scenes contain trace elements of blood, fluids and tissues that are not seen with the human eye.  If these areas are not properly cleaned, you will have putrid odours that can last for weeks, months or in some cases even years depending on the severity of the scene.  Household cleaning solutions will not clean these areas and do not vacate the smell. They are a temporary solution and as the chemicals dissipate, the odours will return.


Odour removal involves the following general principles:

  • Removing the source of the odour as soon as possible. In certain instances, this may include removal of parts of the structure that are immediately affected by the source.
  • Cleaning the affected surfaces and materials.  Every porous surface in the affected area must be properly cleaned and disinfected with commercial chemicals that are specifically used for this type of remediation.
  • Use of counteractants to restore the area
  • Sealing any surfaces that have been in contact such as flooring or porous surfaces if possible


Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning technicians utilise specialised chemicals and equipment to solve the odour contamination permanently by using specific solutions that chemically bond to odour molecules in the air and on surfaces.  Our technicians have the knowledge and equipment to apply restoration techniques that return these scenes to their pre-incident condition.

No matter how strong or weak the odour, regardless of the source, our team of highly trained, professional Odour Removal technicians are on stand-by to assist in the removal of any odour successfully, and economically.

If you are experiencing odours from a crime, trauma or death scene or you need specific help related to these service areas, please contact our office to learn more about the service areas we cover and our certifications.