Myths Regarding Crime Scene Clean Ups | QLD| NSW

When encountering an unexpected crime scene in your home, it can be a stressful and highly emotional experience. The feelings are compounded by the image of events that have taken place that can be ingrained in your memories forever and can cause further psychological and emotional turmoil by attempting to clean the Crime Scene yourself. Professional Crime Scene Cleaners should be employed to ensure 100% of the blood, pathogens and bodily fluids are removed and the crime scene is left in a odour free, safe and liveable condition.

Over the years, Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning technicians have discovered several onerous myths regarding crime scene cleaning. Read on below to learn the reality regarding the 5 most common crime scene cleaning myths.

MYTH: Crime Scene Cleaners are Disrespectful to Victims and Families

Crime Scene CleaningFrom the outset, a crime scene cleanup may seem rather impersonal. While professionals are required to wear biohazard suits and follow meticulous precautions to disinfect a given area, it does not mean that these crews are not connected to their work or that they do not care about the victims. Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning technicians are on call at all times to remediate any situation that may arrive from such traumatic events. Our clients choose us for our proven expertise and discreet approach when providing prompt, reliable and professional Crime Scene Cleaning services.

MYTH: Police or Law Enforcement Will Complete the Crime Scene Cleaning

Police Investigators and Law Enforcement Officers examine essential evidence at a crime scene where they collect important information, assess the scene and then move on to take the next step within a case. Police and law enforcement do not complete crime scene cleaning. In Australia, it is not widely known that police and state government policy ­requires victims to pay for cleaning crime scenes.

MYTH: The Government Pays for Crime Scene Cleaning

In connection with the above, some people assume that crime scene cleaning is a service that is paid by taxpayer money. However, it is important to recognise that once the investigators are finished in the property, the property owner or victim are responsible for any clean-up. Usually, the government provides up to $5000 under an “immediate needs” payment to cover relocation costs, funeral expenses and the clean up. The police only pay to clean a crime scene when chemical enhancement techniques such as Luminol are used.

MYTH: Crime Scene Cleaners Only Provide Services at Homicide Scenes

Myths about Crime Scene CleaningContrary to popular belief, crime scenes are actually not the bulk of a forensic cleaners work. More commonly, it is suicides and unattended death, sewage leaks, biohazard remediation and blood clean up where significant damage to the area has occurred.

MYTH: Crime Scene Cleaners Help with the Investigation

There is also a common misconception that crime scene cleaning crews play a part in resolving a case, thanks to television shows such as C.S.I. and Mr & Mrs Murder. The job of professional cleaning crews is not to examine clues, but to clean the affected area thoroughly, and removing and bio hazardous waste or mess where required.

At Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning, we offer our crime scene cleaning service throughout South East Queensland including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba and greater regions. To find our more information on our biohazard cleaning services or to discuss your cleaning requirements, contact our friendly office team today. Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning also offers a 24/7 emergency crime scene clean up service for commercial operators and business premises