Worryingly, the suicide rate in Australia continues to grow year after year. In 2015, 3,027 Australians took their own life. That equates to an alarming one person every three hours.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a loved one decides to end his or her life, compassionate, prompt and respectful suicide clean up services are necessary. The professional Biohazard Remediation technicians at Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning lift the burden of responsibility concerning proper clean-up procedures. Professional biohazard clean-up experts provide highly specialised services that deliver a prompt service and guaranteed bio-free completion.

brisbane suicide clean up

The main goal of a suicide clean-up company is to relieve families of the burden associated with trauma clean-up

Suicide clean-up is the beginning of the recovery process, so Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning Suicide Clean-up technicians are trained to provide a respectful and compassionate Suicide Clean Up service to ease the stress for loved ones and family.

Discretion and Compassion are Our Guarantees

It’s often startling for a family to see our technicians don full safety gear, including a respirator, before they enter a crime scene area or blood spill situation. Because of the nature of our job, OSHA regulations and our desire to protect our people who do this day in and day out, we treat every situation as if there is a heightened risk of disease or infection.

The moment we arrive, our teams are trained to use compassion, discretion and communication skills. They will take as much time as you need to understand the process, the costs and payment options. We will take pictures to help document the scene for you, and give you a written estimate. All of our full scope jobs include a guarantee that you will not experience further damage or odour from the initial situation.

Choosing a Suicide Clean-up Provider in Brisbane

Suicide, homicide, and trauma clean-up involves handling potentially dangerous material, such as blood and body fluids. Choosing a suicide clean-up company that gets it right the first time is essential to your health and safety. When choosing a suicide clean-up company, choose a company that:

Has Experience. Hiring an inexperienced clean-up company can make a bad situation worse. Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning technicians have years of combined on-the-job training and skills to successfully remediate any bio affected property. We are the industry leader in bioremediation and Suicide Clean Ups in Brisbane.

Emphasises Safety. The scene of a suicide can contain harmful blood borne pathogens such as HIV and hepatitis that can infect the technicians and occupants if not properly handled.

Is Customer Focused. The main goal of a suicide clean-up company is to relieve families of the burden associated with trauma clean-up. Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning uses discreetly marked vehicles to protect your privacy, offers sensitivity training to technicians, and clearly documents all work performed to provide to your insurance company.

Is Available 24/7. Tragedies can happen day or night, and you deserve a crime scene clean-up company that will be there when you need them. Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning will deploy a team of technicians to you immediately after we receive your call or online request.