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In most cases, the intentions of a hoarder are positive. Most people who struggle with hoarding may be trying to save items they perceive as useful for themselves, family and friends in the event they may be needed. However, hoarding is generally thought to be a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and when the hoarding becomes too much to handle, the property can become dangerous for the hoarder and their family to occupy. Characterised by an extreme difficulty to part with or discard possessions, a person with a hoarding disorder can become extremely agitated and distressed with the idea of getting rid of even the most basic of items.

Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaners specialise in providing caring and compassionate hoarders clean ups in the Brisbane area and across Queensland. If someone you love struggles with hoarding, getting outside help to rid them of this burden  can be the start to them finally ridding themselves of this issue.

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Hoarding can cause significant issues to those living in this kind of environment with an increased level of pollutants in the air and bio hazardous risk with increased levels of mildew and mould growth as well as rodents, faeces and urine which can have severe health implications if not remediated. Additionally, living in a house with a hording issue can lead to the increased risk of a fall and in some extreme cases, being trapped among the hoarding mess. Potential structural damage can occur to the property if the hoarding mess is left for an extended period of time and the risk of a house fire increases significantly.

Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaners provide a compassionate and understanding hoarders clean up service with a tactful, respectful and caring approach during the entire process and are able to encourage your loved one to find a happy and healthy balance between items that are important and have sentimental value to keep, and the items that are not needed. Our Hoarders Clean Up specialist technicians have the skills and experience to help your loved one reclaim control of their life and home so that the property is clean and bio-hazard free for a safe and habitable environment.

Our hoarding specialists understand the complexity of this disorder and the difficulty that it brings. The team at Crime Scene Cleanup will handle each piece of your property with respect and kindness and will communicate with you in a compassionate and caring way. There is no shame in this struggle and you should never be made to feel badly about this. Our team will also keep our work entirely confidential.

Our goal is to restore your home to safety and give you some relief from the burden of hoarding. Often, finding the place to start is the hardest part, so let our team help. Contact Brisbane Crime Scene Cleaning today for a confidential hoarding and clutter cleanup up consultation.